Multirom setup

Supported devices : Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

State: Very Experimental, Experimental, Base works, Solid, Good, Excellent

MultiROM is useful tool for installing multiple ROM’s on your android device. Its like dual booting your laptop or Desktop.

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This guide assumes that your device is already rooted and you have USB debugging enabled.

Step 1

Install modified TWRP recovery. MultiROM manager uses the modified TWRP recovery. However this recovery doesn’t yet include the GPG keys for server and fails to verify the downloaded image files. This patch is required to install Plasma Mobile images successfully :

Patched recovery is available to download from

To flash it on your phone.

$ adb reboot bootloader
$ fastboot flash recovery «/path/to/downloaded/twrp-kubuntu-keys-final.img»
$ fastboot continue

Once your device is booted in normal mode. Download MultiROM and kernel with kexec_hardboot patch applied from here : and put it to your /sdcard. After that, reboot to recovery and flash both zip files.

Step 2

Install modified MultiROM manager, currently in MultiROM manager from Play store ubuntu image server is hardcoded to However thanks to user @sedrubal on Github, MultiROM Manager is patched to use instead of server.

Download APK from and install it using adb.

$ adb install «/path/to/downloaded/com.tassadar.multirommgr.debug.apk»

Step 3

This is final step to get Plasma Mobile installed. Open the MultiROM manager installed from the previous step. In the Install Ubuntu Touch card, select the devel or devel-proposed channel and hit install. It will download the files on your device, this takes time according to your internet connection speed. Once done it will ask you to reboot system. Hit OK.

It will reboot to recovery and perform the installation of Plasma Mobile. This process takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Once done at boot you will be asked to choose between Internal rom and newly installed Plasma Mobile image.